Sunday, April 27, 2014

Seattle: This Piggy Went Back to the Market to Confess @ The Confectional

I was overcome by summer fever that I had to deviate from my Seattle series...but have no fear...the sequel is here!

Why did the piggy go back to the market? No, not to find the other piggy who can't find his way home, but because of this...
The Colombian Hot Chocolate @ The Confectional

That day that we toured Pike Place Market, I heard Nick the tourman talk about this hot chocolate, and described it as something that would rev your heart if you consume more than one. My curiosity was peaked, and I took it as a challenge! 

My quest for the perfect hot chocolate started when I was 9. I was at Disneyland and someone (most likely my mom) mentioned getting hot chocolate. Being that I was at Disney, I imagined this hot chocolate to be basically melted chocolate with a splash of milk. I was quickly disappointed by it's too fluid consistency. From that point on, I have surrendered my idea of the perfect hot chocolate...until my taste buds met The Colombian Hot Chocolate! It flowed like thick mud, and tasted like my dreams and aspirations coming true. Be still my heart!!! According to my partner in crime, The Great Dane, the only words that came out of my mouth, with every sip was "oh my gosh!" Although I remembered mixing it up with "ouch too hot." It was the melted milk chocolate with a splash of milk- hot chocolate I have been searching for, that not even Disney could provide! I guess it's not the happiest place on earth. This hot chocolate sure made wherever I was standing, the happiest place on earth. I swear that the world stood still all around me, and all I could see was this lovely cup of chocolate in front of me...Is this what falling in love feels like? or is this my heart stopping? Of course I went back for more! The picture above is from day 2, when I felt a little adventurous and sprinkled cayenne on it. I like it with and without. Yep this is love.

Oh I just had a flashback, and nearly forgot to tell you about The Confectional's cheesecakes. When Oprah is not giving away cars, she is giving away her favorite things!!! ( Did you just do the Oprah voice while reading it? That was my intention)...and The Confectional's cheesecakes are just that. Martha Stewart approves of their cheesecakes too. So who are we to pass these up? The whole display case please. No not really, I wanted to, but we just ended up with a "few."
Quadruple Chocolate ( the one with the dark and white chocolate nib): It's got a lot of chocolate chunks hidden inside this creamy goodness
Mexican Chocolate: "This cheesecake is spicy!" Those were my exact words. After I got over the shock, my palate started to understand that this is good!
-Raspberry White Chocolate: One would think that this is just going to give you the typical raspberry and white chocolate flavored cheesecake, but the texture makes it a cut way above typical. It was almost like a cheescake/mouse/is there marshmallow fluff flavored cream cheese? 
-Seattle's New York-Style (not pictured): The Great Dane declared this the favorite, I was still half asleep eating it for breakfast, hence the lack of pictures. Guess you'll have to find out for yourself. I remember that I did not hate it.

The cute little cheesecake pops you see are mini versions of their cheesecake flavors, so there is no reason to not taste it all...unless like me, you filled up on hot chocolate...2 days in a row. There would have been a third, but I figured it would be smarter not to challenge my heart to stop. Nick the tourman did not lie at all. I could only handle the 3 ouncer, even sharing it with TGD. I will be back for you my hot chocolate, my love!
Blueberry Lemon

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