Friday, May 29, 2015

Seattle: Hey Chicken! Hey! @ Ma'ono Fried Chicken and Whiskey

Drinking game alert: Drink when you see the word "Chicken."

When you think Seattle, you think chicken...Not! Well it's time to think chicken my Seattle Noshers. Read on to find out why.

 In my search for the ultimate brunch aka bottomless mimosas, my search pointed to this place called Ma'ono Fried Chicken and Whiskey. Whiskey?! as in my mimosa will be spiked with whiskey?! After I calmed down, I realized that though this place may have food, this is not heaven, and there will be no whiskey in my mimosa. Ok, enough about the mimosas, as they go best with food.

No this is not the chicken, but this is the mouthwateringly refreshing and decadent Tostada. It's a pile of iceberg lettuce, coconut chutney, black beans, a drizzling of sriracha sour cream, and an egg on it! Put this tostada over the top and add kalua pork. Kalua is the Hawaiian style of cooking in an underground oven. Mush all the components together, and it's like buttah!

And here it is ladies and gentlemen, the chicken that will make you forget about the relationship between the Pacific Northwest and sea creatures. Simply called Fried Chicken. This umami spiced chicken is twice fried and served with biscuits, sausage gravy, and maple syrup. The crispiness of this chicken is no joking matter. It's so crunchy, it's like a potato chip.
See that little bowl in there? That's not soup. That's the sausage gravy. Notice the chunks of sausage. Let's just say that it's in a soup bowl for a reason because I actually tried to eat it like soup. Don't be was worth every heart stopping slurp. With every bite, I let out a contented sigh, while at the same time wanting more.

More, more, more, whoops, I have a sticky mess of maple syrup and gravy on my hands. I have some disdain towards dirty hands, so in order for me to continue to enjoy this piece of heaven, I had to take a hand wash break and unsticky my fingers...

I came back from my hand washing mission to this! My side of the table was cleaned and all that was left was this box! TGD put my chicken in the box. Was that a hint to stop eating? "I really only ate one piece, and waaaah!" An epic whine and pout fest ensued in the direction of TGD. "Why did you put a bottom to my bottomless mimosa, and most importantly, I was still making out with the chicken!" During my whining, I overheard a disappointed customer being told that they're out of chicken. Bing! Perspective! Ok, I'm kinda fine long as TGD buys me ice cream. Ha! Make sure to reserve your chicken if you plan on going. Yes, you read that right...reserve your chicken!

 Blame TGD for only allowing me to gain 5lbs, and this place deserves a hefty 11lbs! 


Sunday, May 10, 2015

OhMyGosh!: Friday Night Lights and Happy Mother's Day!!!

Last night, TGD and I had our nightly Friday Night Lights viewing session. It takes a lot for me to actually sit through a show, let alone a series, butI'm trying. As I blankly stared at the TV, the tension between Julie  (daughter) and Tami (Mom)  grabbed my attention, and I verbally uttered "Gosh, moms are awesome." 

 Watch the tension starting at around minute 22

To summarize the scene, Julie quickly brought her teenage angst to level 11 over her mom making a suggestion to Julie's outfit. As Julie started rambling , screaming, and having the gall to say " Do you know  how many things I've done for you?! A thank you would be nice. ".... TO HER MOTHER!!! I Gasped, waiting for Tami to temporarily maime her, but no...Mother Tami validates Julie's teenage rant. (Watch starting around minute 23) 

Many of us have gone through that bratty, irrational, the world is mine, teenage years...and yes I am one of the the lucky ones whose mother gave words of validation to my hormone induced irrationality. My mom never failed to tell me the things that make me awesome...even after a nowhere near awesome flub.
Courtesy of To Make You Laugh

Mom...THANK YOU!!! Thank you for not beating the hair out of me when 
I was a looney teenager...and adult. Thank you for all the strength and sacrifice you have gifted me with before I was even born. Fun fact is that, I started my little rebellion as early as when I was  a slimy unborn baby by refusing to let go of the chord. I'm sure that was not fun for anyone, but maybe slimy baby me did? Mom, a bugillion thank yous can't tell you how much I appreciate being born to you. Again, thank you, thank you, thank you!... and I'm sorry for being responsible for speeding up some of your cell degeneration.
Courtesy of Google Images
Happy Mother's Day!!!


Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Seattle: Post Faith No More Noshing @ Radiator Whiskey

 "Boredom is your own fault!" One can always eat, drink, dance, (insert other verbs here) until it's fun! The Great Dane (TGD) was ever so excited that Faith No More is coming to Seattle. They may not be in  my usual musical genre, but my mantra said that  I was down to have fun!
A little piece of the concert @ the Paramount Theater.
Yes, the concert was actually fun, I jumped and "danced" and screamed. I especially liked the contrast between the mosh-pit inducing tunes and the flower laden stage. 

Pardon the crappy sound...and the "commentary"
Oh, and they covered  Herb Albert's This Guy's in Love With You. This guy can actually sing and not just scream and call it metal. Bravo Mr. Faith No More. How does one mosh to this? Ha!

All the jumping around has me hankering for some nosh. Trying to keep the metal on, we decided to check out Radiator Whiskey, sounds metal right? After going through the the random stairs at Pike Market, we found ourselves in a not so metal, but more quaint restaurant. Honestly, it felt like a Potbelly's, with cocktails. Not so metal, but they have food.

Speaking of cocktails....

How fun are those names?! Since the spring weather put me in the lemon mood, I opted for The Piledriver. What a name! This could be dangerous, as I could not even taste the bourbon. It's lemonade!

Time to eat! Instead of giving you bar nuts, they serve you warm popcorn! That was a fun twist! 

Fried Beef Lip Terrine with Dijonaise. It was like breaded braised beef nuggets, with mayonnaise dip. The outer breading was perfectly crispy without being greasy. 

Debris Sandwich:It was stuffed with house pulled pork, smoked cheddar, and fritos. Not really sure if by fritos, they meant Frito Lays...I don't remember biting into any. Since it was basically bedtime, TGD and I split the sandwich. TGD got most of the yolk part. Boo. This was not your typical pulled pork sandwich, as it was not covered in bbq sauce. It was just seasoned right, and melded with the cheese. I could only finish 1/4 of this hearty and meaty sandwich; maybe because I inhaled the popcorn and the tots. Oh I nearly forgot, this sandwich came with Rainier Beer. I like that they keep it local.
 No room for dessert! The world is ending!

 If you are in the mood for whiskey, this place is your jam. They have a wide variety of whiskeys, which stays true to their name.I thought it was a little too quiet to have a name like Radiator Whiskey. Nonetheless, they quelled my late night hunger...and if I had more room for dessert, I would've gotten the warm chocolate chip cookies with a shot of whiskey. Who needs milk when there's whiskey.

I'm willing to gain 2.5lbs out of 5lbs for Radiator Whiskey