"If you're bored, go clean your room!" Those are the famous words my mom used to utter when I was a spring chicken, complaining of being bored. It's been years since I flew out of the cuckoo's nest, and now enjoy a clean room. What my mother really was teaching me was that there are other things to do than be bored. Life is one great adventure, with the greatest adventure being FOOD! Food hits you in all your 5 senses, without needing to tap in to your vacation benefits, or breaking your 9-5 budget. For little to no money, you get to experience the thrill of emotions upon the sight of a food truck, at the first whiff of Camembert (stinky) cheese, hearing the sizzle of browning butter, all of which leads up to the crowning glory of  that culinary morsel hitting your tastebuds...Taste the adventure!

I'm glad I was dropped in this lively and friendly city of CHICAGO, where adventure can be found at every nook, in and around this city.  I sometimes even find myself partaking in non-edible, but heart pumping adventures that make me say OhMyGosh! "How did I get on this trapeze?" 

 As the self elected "Unofficial Ambassador of Chicago," I invite you to join me and my cast of characters as we Nosh and OhMyGosh! our way in places that planes, trains, and automobiles take us; and most especially in my kind of town...Chicago!   

What are you waiting for? Let's go find things to eat and do!

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Karla Lindell said...

The most fabu food blogger!