Monday, April 28, 2014

NYC: How to Spot A Real New York Bagel @ The Bagel

While we're all stuck behind our daily grind, let's live vicariously through my friends, The Swedish Twins, as they celebrate their birthday in a New York state of mind...

Posted by: Karla Fantastic

I woke up in the big city Sunday morning realizing a couple of very important things: A. I have not had any of the food that NY is famous for (Where is my NEW YORK bagel? Why hadn't I stopped at that food cart for a hot dog? Cheesecake??? For the love of God... cheesecake!!!!) and B. Why the f--k haven't I been shopping yet? 5th AVENUE IS 2 BLOCKS AWAY!!!! Barneys, Bergdorf... I must go!!! These problems MUST be remedied.  Immediately.

A quick 10 minute walk up shopping Heaven Avenue brought me to the corner of 5th and 58th - home of the famed PLAZA HOTEL.  You know the one... That luxury hotel seen in many movies and television. Pretty much anyone who is incredibly wealthy and is in a hotel...It's THE PLAZA. Magnificent architecture,  a true testament to timeless elegance.  I want to stay at THE PLAZA the next time I'm in the big city (How do I insert link here for donations?)

The Pulitzer Fountain in front of The Plaza Hotel is the scene for my first NY foodie moment...

THE BAGEL. Half a block down the street on 58th is a non assuming deli. Walk in. Go to the counter.  "Whatchu having? For here or to go?" Bing bang boom... Here comes my bagel with lox and schmear faster than a New York minute! I decided it would be fabulous to enjoy my breakfast on the steps of the beautiful fountain.  Too bad there is bird droppings all over this thing... eww. Eww. Eww. Okay.  This spot looks cleanish. Sitting down. The bagel looks glorious, although on the smallish side (turns out they're supposed to be that way!) I Google: "HOW DO I KNOW THAT I'M EATING A REAL NEW YORK BAGEL?" The answer: Is it hand-sized, something you can easily get your mouth around it? Next, look at the color. Does the crust have a rich, medium-brown glow? What about shine? A great bagel will shine back at you; its crust firm and crunchy, protecting the chewy, dense crumb inside. Mass-produced bagels are machine-rolled and baked in a steam-injected oven, producing a pale white-crusted mound with a doughy and often too sweet interior.

So there you go. New York City bagel knowledge. Go impress your friends. You're welcome.

The bagel was incredible! Perfect ratio of lox to schmear. The dough is crisp yet soft. Not sweet. I may never eat a bagel (or that thing masking as a bagel) in Chicago again. Ever.

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