Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Noshin' at O'hare

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I had an impromptu trip to Seattle for a 3 day weekend, because everyone at work is going on sun filled spring break escapades. So Seattle it is! Ha! Well, it's at least 5 degrees warmer than Chicago...and the weather does not disappoint. I'm guaranteed rain, which will give my hair that beachy frizz.... Or pretend that I'm fabulous, and in London.

Excitedly, I skipped eating lunch and left work early. Click click UBER take me away! As I cruised in style, pretending to be a Kennedy in the black car, I decided to check my flight status. Uh what?! a 2 hour delay?! I hit refresh, and yep it wasn't a glitch. It will be a 2 hour delay. I'm not a very patient flyer. I'm that person that waits for last call just so I don't have to wait while people are shoving their carry on in the overhead bins.  I went back and forth whether to just go back and hang out at home until it's closer to my now 9pm flight. Nope! My hungry, vaca clouded mind actually made a good decision to just ride the I remembered that O'hare restaurants name drop names like Rick Bayless and Wolfgang Puck. Now that extra 2 hr wait time just turned into the perfect window to eat leisurely.

I get to O'hare, did the usual TSA line, that seemed unusually long, only to end up at a body scanning machine. "Uh Sir, I'd like to not have some weird unexplained growth in a few years... Oh whatever! Scan me now and quick! I'm starving and there's food at the end of this security tunnel!"

Alas I'm free,possibly radioactive, and ready to try out some airport cuisine. To my dismay, I was in the L gates, and nearly passing out from hunger. The 2 exploreable options presented to me by the L gate was Goose Island or this glowing lounge decorated in glass, metal, and all white furnishings. It was very Ice hotel chic for an airport resto...It's appropriately named ICE.  Ice it is, specially that the line to get a seat is shorter. Everyone's flight seems to be delayed.

I was greeted by an impressive cocktail list 

Missing lunch, coffee time, and travel stress called for coffee and booze. I got  the Ice Java...just to be practical you know. I was impressed until this thing arrived in front of me. Where's the swirl? some sprinkling of cocoa dust? or something to justify it being $14! Not to mention that it tasted like boozey Ovaltine ( yep raise your hand comment if you know it.) The booze made it drinkable.
To quell my now roaring stomach, and spinning head, I got the Fresh Herb Chicken. It was one beautifully stacked sandy served with GUACAMOLE cream. Atop the sourdough bread was a layer of fresh mozzarella, arugula, chicken,red peppers, strawberries, a green apple wedge, and a little baby pickle. I was delightfully surprised by the melody of flavors! It was very refreshing..and what the what?!!! The chicken was not dry!!! I wouldn't have thought, based on the lack of imagination my drink presented.
With my belly happy, I contemplated getting the drink Gate L2, but I did not want to ruin my meal with another disappointing drink. So I ended my meal with a dessert that never disappoints...
Ha Ha!  Actually I was disappointed. It's been awhile since I've had one of these...and I don't remember it tasting like tasteless cold fluff. It was a very productive use of my 2 hours I'd say. Now come fly with me to Seattle! I've got a lot of noshing in the itinerary!!!

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Karla Lindell said...

Lay off me, I'm starving! LOL!!! I've not seen the ICE restaurant at Ohare. Only you would find the chic-est place to dine ;)