Sunday, April 27, 2014

NYC:Start Spreadin' the News...Get Outta' My Way! I'm Walkin' Here!

While we're all stuck behind our daily grind, let's live vicariously through my friends, the Swedish Twins, as they celebrate their birthday in a New York state of mind...

Posted by: Karla Fantastic

I heart NYC! We arrived on Saturday morning and here are some things I've learned thus far...

A. New York CITY! Holy shit it's crowded!  Cars are everywhere. People are everywhere. Flashing lights and hot dog carts... sensory overload!  I learned straight away to NOT walk up BROADWAY.  Don't do it. Something about NYC dictates that as a tourist you must walk down Broadway... trust me, take 6th, it's faster. Unless you want to get stuck behind a slow moving group of camera flashing people from Idaho. Get outta my way,  IM WALKIN' HERE!!!

B. The THEATRE. Want to go to a show on Broadway?  Hopefully you have your tickets with you when you arrive to the big city because otherwise you may be SOL.  Luckily,  I happened to purchase my tickets in August - yeah, 8 months ago - I'm glad I remembered where I put them.  The Belasco Theatre is a beauty.  Small yet marvelous!  We arrived to our Orchestra seats just before curtain.  An usher reminded us that any sort of video or photography was not allowed... okay, fine fine "hey sister, try to get a picture!" Oh NO NO NO... I'm convinced that these New York ushers are part ninja! Here comes BETTY the ninja usher running down the aisle.... "PUT THAT AWAY!" And oh boy, did she mean it. That woman gave a look that said - I could have you killed.  Annnnnnnd the phone goes back into the purse.  Show time!

C. After dinner dining.  All of that cheering and bravos for the cast has certainly worked up an appetite.  Where shall we eat? Initially,  I wanted to hop in a cab and go to the famous Serendipity for late night chocolatey goodness, but we decided to stay local.  Food cart? Ehh Heartburn! Steakhouse? Mucho dinero! Rooftop of our hotel? Too scenester! Irish Pub? Okay maybe... let's check out the menu.  I'll be the first to admit, I'm not crazy about food from the Irish folk.  I gave the menu a glance and just when I was about to say... "Guinness with bangers and mash does not sound very delicious, let's go..." Up comes an older gentleman.  "YOU LIKE THE LOOKS OF THE MENU?" No. Smile and say sure. Half hearted smile on... "Yeah, looks crowded in there though.  Oh well..." Just then the well suited man grabs my arm and walks me into the restaurant.  "LET ME GIVE YOU A TOUR." Ummm... what's happening here?  I'm so hunrgy! Turns out that sweet old Irish guy was the owner! THE OWNER! Once he found the best table for us in this uber crowded restaurant, I invited him to sit down.  I asked for his opinion on the best of the menu (please don't say bangers and mash!) His eyes lit up as he described the Shepards pie and brisket of beef. We stayed for a Guinness and some corned beef and chatted with the table next to us about the fabulousness of theatre.  It was a fine evening with hearty food.  We walked the short distance back to our hotel. The rooftop was still open for late night scenester watching... nah.  Let's get some sleep.  GOOD NIGHT NEW YORK. The city may never sleep but I do. Peace!

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