Tuesday, April 29, 2014

NYC: Fashion and Cheesecake

While we're all stuck behind our daily grind, let's live vicariously through my friends, the Swedish Twins, as they celebrate their birthday in a New York state of mind...

Posted by: Karla Fantastic

During my second day in the Big Apple, I continued my quest for all things delicious in this great city - mainly fashion and cheesecake.
I knew that walking through SOHO would be a fabulous way to spend the afternoon.  But let's be realist,  why walk when I can sit VIP on the SEX AND THE CITY TOUR BUS. Best $60 I've ever spent!
We watched fun clips from the show while the tour guide pointed out the exact New York landmarks where the scenes were filmed. (Yeah, yeah that's cool. When do I get to go shopping?) I won't bore you with my pictures from the street because we'll be here all day and frankly I'm not too great at taking pictures from the inside of a bus. Netflix has SATC - I'm sure - HELLO SPONSOR! (The post brought to you by Netflix.)

An hour of ooohs and ahhhs through the streets of Manhattan later,  our guide informed us that we would be getting off of the bus soon... to go... SHOPPING. HOORAY!!! Our bus stopped on Bleecker Street – a very chic, tree lined oasis filled with the boutiques of Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren, Toosh, James Perse, Brunello Cucinelli, Fresh, Lulu Guinness, Creed, Mulberry, Olive and Bette, and so many more. Had I died? Is this Heaven? What's that? We only have 25 minutes to shop? Get out of my way!!

After doing significant damage on my  MASTERCARD (priceless!) I met up with the group who were sitting in a lovely little park. The tour guide greeted us with cupcakes featured on the show. Really? Is this happening? It's a gorgeous spring day. I've just been let loose in a Marc Jacobs store on boutique alley in GREENWICH VILLAGE and now I'm smooshing my face into this delicious sugary frosted delight! Stop it!  Where's my dream man on a flying unicorn?  He has got to be around here somewhere!

Back onto the bus! It appears that we have lost a couple of people to shopping casualty.  But that was to be expected.  As the bus left Bleecker Street I could hear them in the distance... "Go on! Go on without us!" And so we did. They would have wanted it this way. And off we went.  Who's thirsty?!?!

What is a trip to NYC without a Cosmopolitan?  Back home I wouldn't be caught dead ordering one of these fruity "I can't drink whiskey" cocktails! But it's girl time! Let's go have some pink martinis!!! Wooooo!!! 2 drinks later and I feel awesome.  Let's pick up some men! Oh wait, what's that? The tour isn't over? Dammit. Okay, onto the bus we go. Watch your step...

Luckily for me, the tour ended not too far from my hotel. Who wants to walk back carrying all of these shopping bags???  As I turn the corner onto 45th I see what I've been looking for all my life. It's so much bigger in person! Is it? It can't be? A NEW YORK CITY FOOD TRUCK WITH ICE CREAM!!! AHHHHH!!! Run run run! Don't you dare drive off before I get there! Damn these shoes!!! 80 calories of pure delight. (Minus the 500 calories of dark chocolate and almonds.) Walking the half block to my hotel, I'm content. Ice cream in one hand, designer fashion in the other. Life is good.
A quick siesta later and I'm ready for the theatre! Last night we went big on Broadway.  Tonight, it's a musical comedy off Broadway. This could be very good or very bad - either way let's have some drinks first!

We stopped at a BBQ place on 9th called Southern Hospitality.  Wood planked walls featuring Johnny Cash quotes and twang on the radio,  nice touch. What am I in the mood for? Ribs? Chicken? Waffles with Chicken? It all sounds so fattening but so delish!  I ended up with a sandwich.

BORED!  NO! No, it was not! This sandwich was the epitome of all food porn sandwiches. Beefy and cheesy and spicy and hot and wet... stop it! Good cole slaw too!  Don't ask me what it was called. I didn't ask for its name.  We had a great time and I'll leave it at that.  Maybe I'll call them up the next time I'm in the city. Or maybe I'll go for a salad. It's too soon to tell.

After the show - which was HILARIOUS! - I wanted cake... but not just any cake, mother bleepin cheesecake! And I knew exactly where to go. JUNIORS.
This place is famous for their cheesecake. Like crazy famous. How happy was I that it was within short waking distance? Very.  Wow, there are so many to choose from! Devil's food. Carrot cake. Red Velvet. Chocolate.  Blueberry... All in the form of cheesecake!  Do I stay traditional and order the original?  Or do I say to hell with it and go Devil's food?
I decided on the cherry cheesecake. With no late night cocktail!  I want to be completely sober while I enjoy this.  The cheesecake arrives.  A single slice of modest portion. Fluffy cream cheese center atop of graham cracker crust with ooohy gooey cherry topping.  It's beautiful.   Where's my fork? Oh dear lord Jesus, what am I eating?  This cake is not dense or dry. It is the exact opposite of any cheesecake I've ever known. This is pillowy and creamy and not overly sweet.  If I thought it would survive the flight home, I would put several in my suitcase.  Souvenirs for everyone! In my best Oprah voice: NEW YORK CITY CHEESECAKE!!!!!! And you get a cheesecake... and you get a cheesecake... and you get a cheesecake!!!!

My night concluded on top of the world. Well, almost. The rooftop bar at the hotel was still open - so why not pop in for some bubbles?  This being New York and all, I decided to go big. One drink. That's all. And that drink... DOM PERIGNON.

(Shameless plea to the makers of Dom Perignon...) Dear super schmancy bubbly beverage makers, I'm in love. But, unfortunately I don't date DONALD TRUMP. So, how about we strike a deal - I will hold a bottle of this exquisite champagne in every picture from now until I die if I have to. Just let me drink it regularly. For free. I will give up water, juice, triple grande soy lattes... just to drink Dom exclusively.  I'm not sure that I can live without it but I don't want to start robbing liquor stores.  Just think about it.  Signed,  K FANTASTIC

Day 2 in the BIG APPLE was a great fun foodie day! I'm so full but wonder if room service can find me a slice of authentic NYC style pizza.  Now, where are my stretchy pants?


Nosh and OhMyGosh! said...

Looks like Oprah and cheesecake go well together. I would've been ok with a half mangled cheesecake;)

Karla Lindell said...

Less than 2 hour flight. ... let's go back just for Serendipity, shopping and cheesecake!