Monday, June 9, 2014

Seattle: The Cooking Channel Led Me to Nielsen's Pastry

You are getting sleepy~~~wooooh. On any given weeknight, you'll find either the Food Network or the Cooking Channel tucking me in bed. One night, while fighting the sleep fairy like a kindergarten tike, the Cooking Channel's Unique Sweets , woke me up from my daze with the words Danish and Seattle. What?! Do they have these enchanted aebleskivers The Great Dane keeps talking about? 
Aebleskivers: TGD described it as basically spherical pancakes 

There was only one way to find out...Go there! To Nielsen's! 
Boo! No sightings of the mystical Aebelskivers, but I found a Potato and Sara Bernhardt

 Ok, I have to admit, the only reason why I got the Potato was because this was what Unique Sweets raved about. I have great faith in their choices; and how could you mess up sugar?

I took the first chomp, and the marzipan was like a sweet, soft shell on top of the puff pastry. After breaking through the Marzipan barrier encasing the soft fluffy whip cream and custard combination, I found my shirt and everything around me covered in the cocoa powder that this thing is sprinkled with, it also did not help that I was dancing around singing "Hot potato, hot potato"( housekeeping tip increase) This pastry reminds me of a profiterole, but 3x bigger, and much more delicious than the profiterole. This pastry is so light and airy, yet decadent, and it almost does not seem too sinful to have more than one, or two or three. The only sin you can commit is not getting more than one, which I was miserably guilty of.

A bite off Sarah Bernhardt sparked a delicious memory that I could not put my finger on. Then it clicked. Am I eating a dark chocolate covered macaron, filled with chocolate mouse?! I basically was! Hidden underneath the chocolate and mouse layer is indeed an almond macaron. This pastry was supposed to be created in honor of that French actress, Sarah Bernhardt. I like how this is a bigger and better version of a macaron. Yep, another unfortunate mistake of just getting one.

I couldn't just leave Nielsen's without  picking up these fun little marzipan fruit dopplegangers. This will fulfill the ADA fruit requirement right? I declare yes!


I can't wait to have one or a few of these cute little pink boxes tied with twine, and filled with yummy deliciousness again!

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