Monday, June 2, 2014

Memorial Day Sunday Funday! Part 2 @ Nomi Garden

For your full Noshing experience: Summertime by Billie Holiday

If you've skimmed through The Eat List, you've read about Nomi's Creamsicle Tumbler. Well, as luck would have it, we were a block away from Nomi, when my friend declared that she's "thirsty." I hurriedly led her to the watering hole, in the guise of being conscientious. In reality, I was really leading myself to get some dessert. Elevator take me up!

I looked at the menu confused. Nothing is standing out to me! During my confusion, I could not for the life of me remember what THAT dessert was called. All I could remember was that it had some citrus type flavor in it. Ah! I think it's the Whipped Choco-Macchiato? It's got lemon in it.

Then this arrived in front of me. Umm, how deep into my food coma was I the last time I came here?! I don't remember it looking like this! I sat there for a long while, trying to convince myself that this is it. The convincing was halted by the sight of my chocolate dome collapsing like the demise of "Death Star." 
( Nerd alert!) 

My spoon sped up the collapse of the dome, and inside was the creamy lemon panna cotta, which was nestled on a bed of caramel. It was one heavenly spoonful. The chocolate crumble trail, provided a nice crunch contrast to the creamy texture.
As I shamelessly licked my spoon clean, I concluded that this was not an outdoor summertime dessert! The whole time I was eating it, I had a sneaking suspicion that my face looked like this...

Speaking of wine...It seemed as though Rose was the wine of choice for the day. It seemed that everyone was drinking this wine! I was not a fan of it. It just did not give me the "oh that's refreshing" kind of feeling. 

Needless to say, I found out that the Creamsicle Tumbler was only served for dinner, and indeed the Whipped Choco-Macchiato was not the creamsicle. I was a wee bit disappointed by the lack of lemony tartness that brings a pucker to your face. Nonetheless, it gave me my sugar fix. Guess I'll take a food coma nap while waiting for them to serve dinner! Ha no...I'll just come back.

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