Sunday, June 15, 2014

OhMyGosh! Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to my Father Deary, Rex!

No! I'm not calling my father a monkey! This picture reminds me of the giant artwork that hung above my father's office desk, but his was way cooler.  It was a monkey smoking a cigar, answering the phone, and looking like The Boss Man! ( The internet did not have a replica of it. This is the closest one.)

I got my thirst for the OhMyGosh! from my father. My father taught me to work hard and play hard. I remember spending countless hours sitting next to him at his office watching him write numbers, and more numbers and more numbers, and talk business talk. While I was most likely stuffing my face and leaving watermarks on his desk, I looked in amazement at how awesome my father was. He made working look cool. On weekends, my father and I would go to off-road, motocross, and slalom competitions, and of course drag racing. He also taught me how not to shoot my eye out, and how to peel out before I could drive a straight line. He is also the coolest father in the hood, who trusted me to have the wits and coordination to ride a scooter at age 9. He was not wrong! ( My mother was probably in church praying to all the angels and saints as well.)

My father taught me that life is one big adventure, and not to sweat the small stuff...except traffic! Hey adventure is waiting, and the slow drivers are holding us down! Move! or get crushed! Oh...ohhhhm~

As hard working as my father is, he always had time to drive us to and from school, plan off the beaten path road trips, and never fails at Sunday Funday festivities. Why didn't I inherit his energy?

Thank you Papa for your constant support, for laughing at my cheesy jokes, the fun and unique adventures, being my food guinea pig (remember the scones that turned into "stones" and the flan that turned into soup?), and teaching me not to fear life...but to party with it! I am my awesome self, because you made me that way!

To all the fathers and father figures
Happy Father's Day!
May your kids grow up and think you're awesome. Ha!

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