Monday, March 23, 2015

A Quick Escape to Atwood

            Alas! They found me! By "they" I meant the government. The government cordially invited me to the Daley Center for jury duty. Yippee! Not! Upon receiving the letter requesting my presence, I quickly went through the list of why I can't. Unless I was diagnosed with something or elderly, the there was no easy way out. My friend, the Honey Badger (HB, this character appeared in my Takito Kitchen adventure) put it into a poop of rainbow type perspective, and made it sound as though it was a privilege that not everyone gets to experience...and I bought it. 

So I find myself anxiously sitting in a court room full of the chosen few, hoping that I don't get the privilege of having to come here for the rest of the week. I heard the case I may be a jury for will take several days. I need to go back to work and make enough money to keep Noshing! As much as I like the view...
No, just NO! 

I decided to quell my anxiety by spending the whole time, skimming through restaurant menus that are a skip away from me. Rumor has it that lunch is one and a half hours long. Tick, tock, it's past 12:30, did they forget about lunch?! The monster in the belly was getting mad. Then finally, at 1pm they called lunch time. I traipsed happily out into the sunshiny 60 something degree Chicago day, towards Acanto for some Duck Egg Spaghetti but then I was distracted by this sight...

The Atwood in Hotel Burnham, or for the Architectural sect, the Reliance Building ( Atwood, Burnham, and Root were the Architects. Get it?) Hotel plus history plus architecture, sold! Hotel dining somehow reels me in. I guess I like being surrounded by the hopeful and adventurous vibe tourists emit. Instant staycation!

What kind of vacation does not include some libation? This one! In the event that I get chosen to decide my fellowmen's fate, I would like my decision to be fueled only with coffee and fatigue. I take civic duty seriously! But here's a list of what I said no to. I deserve a medal!

Speaking of! Now! Ok no, I asked politely, specially that I had to be all difficult about wanting it iced. My happy waiter was nice enough to fix my caffeine to my liking. Thanks ( ahhh I forgot his name! Sorry!)

That coffee was just what my sleep deprived self needed, but let's get some food in my belly monster. I saw the word boursin cheese in one of the dishes. At that moment I had no idea what it was. Feeding off the adventurous vibe, let's go with it. Lamb Cheesesteak it is.

The lamb was snuggled in with roasted red peppers, caramelized onions, arugula, and boursin cheese. Oh, I nearly forgot that it came with fries, since I was so hungry, I inhaled it. As I worked my way through the sandwich, I remembered what boursin was! It's a soft cheese more commonly seasoned with garlic and herbs. The components of the sandwich, along with the tender lamb, created a nice buttery textured bite. The arugula gave it a refreshing end, just priming my mouth for the next bite. I think I finished this sandwich in record time. I need to spare time for dessert! My staycation would be null if I can't indulge in the best part of the meal!

I was torn between the Citrus Pavlova, which had lemon curd, fresh berries, and mint, vs the Chocolate Espresso Pot De Creme. Since it was such a spring-like day, I was in the mood for something citrusy, but my happy waiter had high praises  for the Pot De Creme. He sold me when he said "candied lemon zest." As if I wasn't anxious enough with my government duty and my 3rd cup of coffee, charge me up to overdrive with this velvety pudding mouse decadence! I wish I had 2 hours to eat this. With every bite, my tastebuds soaked up the coffee infused chocolate. The candied lemon surprised a bite here and there with it's crunch and zing. As I looked down at my clock, it was time to inhale the pot!


As I left my impromptu vacation and speed walked back to reality, I had a pep in my step, not from the heart stopping amount of coffee and sugar that I ingested, but the overall meal and service made me believe I was on vacation. Thanks happy waiter! Citrus Pavlova, be ready for my return!

Here's a glimpse of Hotel Burnham's Interior. I could spend all day taking pictures of every tiny detail, but duty calls.
Courtesy of Google


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