Friday, December 5, 2014

The Lyric Opera vs Bar Takito

What shenanigans has me waking up at 6  o'clock in the morning? the Lyric Opera! Last September 6, 2014, the Lyric Opera once again opened it's vault of costumes. It had been a decade since the costume vault did such a thing. The possibility of obtaining a ridiculous cape and ball gown to wear as I clean my living room, shouting out "The Queen of the Night Aria" from the Magic Flute Opera by Mozart, was something I could not miss!

Dull eyed and disheveled tail, I envisioned rows of velvet, sequins, chiffon, and whatever man made materials have been created. I'm so excited I could literally smell that waft of moth balls in the air! I started my trek to the Lyric to meet up with Karla Fantastic, who shares the same  affection for early morning shopping insanity.  Hey, the early bird gets the worm right? 
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Wrong! We were not early! We were late, we were very late for this important date! The line was 5 people deep surrounding the city block! Eh...I'll just clean my living room wearing sane people clothes. Let's go eat instead!

Look at the bridge closely. Those are people in line!
The velvety lining to my shattered operatic dreams was the fact that Bar Takito is open for brunch to feed the hungry monster in me that had been belting out baritone sounds of "FEED ME!" 

Upon arriving, we were greeted by a bright and sunshiny space and a friendly host, who convinced me that it's not that early in my world. An empty Bar Takito was a refreshing contrast to the pandemonium I just witnessed. I guess it was that early that we practically opened this place. KF and I couldn't help but play pretend VIP...the only VIP we can afford. Ha!

Feeling the need to get in our vitamins and minerals, we were looking for something fresh. Our bright eyed server Steven recommended  "Aji," to which I quickly exclaimed, "oh fish!" No! It's a sauce made with spices, it almost tasted like an elevated salsa verde.

Next up, Tacos!

Coffee Braised Beef Taco: Beer tortilla,queso Oaxaca, pickled squash, red onion, jalapeno, cilantro, and peanuts. I bit in to this thinking that I would get a second cup of coffee. It was far from that. I almost could not tell that there was coffee, but at the same time, there was a nice earthy warm flavor that just envelopes your senses...maybe that was the coffee. I was not disappointed at all!

Pork Belly Taco: Turmeric tortilla, smoked queso fresco, aji amarillo, pickled jicama, arugula, pepitas. The only thing I can say about this taco is..."get it!" The pork belly says it all!
For the big finish...

I can't remember what the chocolate square looking dessert was called! How horrible! In any case, it reminds me of  a tres leches cake soaked in chocolate milk. Delicious! The floral dessert that looks like a Hawaiian vacation is  the Popcorn Butterscotch Mouse, which is sprinkled with almond crunch. I just had a nibble of this, and I do get the popcorn butterscotch flavor, but I vote for the chocolate square; whatever it's called. Just show the friendly folks at Bar Takito this picture and point to it!

As early as it was, the food and the great service at Bar Takito was a winner, the whole experience was like a good morning greeting accompanied by a mariachi band. This early bird turned out to have gotten the worm after all, but it would have even been better if I was wearing the garb I was imagining I would find in the vault.

Oh Karla Fantastic says..."Hi Steven!"


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