Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Momentarily @ Momotaro

Hey let's play this nice little game called "no reservations." I would have to admit that at times, I pretend to be Anthony Bourdain, and it has worked 30% of the time, at odd random times like Tuesday @ 5:30pm.    Ready, set, NO! Apparently random times do not exist at Momotaro. I got denied reservations by Opentable. Well, I ain't too proud to wait.  Karla Fantastic and I walked in to a nearly empty Momotaro, and ha! Add this to my 30% success rate, but the hostess forewarned us to eat fast  that they would  need our table by 7pm. Challenge accepted.

Minutes after we were seated, the empty chairs and tables were occupied. Looks like we really got lucky. Ok, we have 1.5 hours to eat, let's get this party started. Being that this was after my jury duty adventure, shaking from the amount of caffeine I ingested is starting to put me in a coma. I spotted a cocktail called Strength and Longevity . I needed just that! The concuction consists of bombay original dry gin, imbue petal and thorn, goji & omija, soda, & lemon. This drink is dangerously refreshing. It was like drinking a pucker worthy lemonade. It would be easy to forget that this is for the 21 and over crowd.
Now let's move on to something from the Robata (basically the grill.)

KF got the Washugyu , it's skirt steak, shishito, and foie gras...on a stick! I expected a spicey bite, but to my surprise, it was very mild; but then again, I'm starting to think that the part of my taste buds that recognizes  spiciness is near death. I put red peppers and cayenne on nearly everything! The overall bite of everything was a nice sweet, salty, buttery, and a pinch of zing. I did not utilize the lime that was provided. Oops. Guess you'll just have to find out for yourselves...then let me know.

Tsukune it's jidori chicken ginger meatball, quail eggs, & bathed in tare (a sauce reminiscent of terriyaki.) Ordering this, I imagined a hard boiled quail egg, grilled, and slathered with tare. As the plate landed in front of me, I had a hint of disappointment, and then I put it in my mouth...I'm ok. I'm very ok with this. The yolk of the egg served as an overlapping sauce to the chicken meatball. Sooooo good! Hey Momotaro, there's still so much room on this plate for a few more sticks you know!

Sushi time!
Wasabi Salmon: marinated salmon, pickled onion, wasabi and Una-Kyubarbequed eel, cucumber, avocado yuzu kosho. Confession time. I often get my sushi in mass production type places that have happy hour. It's been a success so far as I'm still able to write about it, but the rare occasions that I go to places that their sushi pride is just above the rest, I'm surprised to actually be able to tell the difference (my standards can get a little low. No food poisoning or parasite infestation? I'm good to go!) This sushi falls in to the higher cusp of the sushi pride. I did not get the almost metallic taste that I have come to tolerate with my lower cusp sushi that's usually hiding in spicey mayo and eel sauce. Momotaro's sushi components blended so well that I did not want to kill it with any wasabi. Once again, my only gripe is, why are these rolls so tiny?! I guess more room for dessert.

Speaking of dessert, ice cream of course! Don't hate me, but I forgot to document the name of this dessert. It's something of the burnt sugar nature, and crunchy goodness. Just trust me it's good! So good that they need to make this scoop bigger! Are you seeing a pattern? 

At Momotaro, the serving sizes may be small, but it makes up for it in big flavors. The staff knew the menu, and gave good recommendations that hit the spot. We actually left pleasantly full and satisfied, despite my incessant "super size me" complaints...and it's 6:50pm. No one likes to wait, and the 7 o'clock planner that probably made reservations months in advance shouldn't wait. We're courteous like that. Time to make reservations for summer. Who's coming with me?

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