Sunday, October 5, 2014

GPS! Are We in The Right Place? @ Takito Kitchen

Remember that time we called summer, when the hot asphalt was covered with swells of street fests? Warming up in a hoodie as I write this in 40F something weather  is suffocating my brain cells, and I'm starting to forget! Before I completely erase the remnants of summer 2014 clean, let me take you on a reminiscing journey. It was one hot Sunday in what was a not so hot summer in Chicago, and my friend Honeybadger (HB), badgered me to get out and get some sun! OK fine! I have some noshing redemption to do because I mistakenly took HB to a mexican place that I would not be caught blogging about... the fact that we ordered chicken fingers in a mexican spot says it all. It was just convenient ok! So enter my pick for redemption....Bar Takito. I excitedly poked my GPS to take us there! As I obediently followed it,  I was salivating as I raved to HB all about this place, and how it just opened..blah blah blah. Screech! Halt! Alto! Why are we in Wicker Park in the thick of a streetfest and not the West Loop?!!! GPS took us to Takito Kitchen instead! Well, streetfest + patio + margarita = feels like summer anyway so...let's live in this moment! 

Let's get this party started with their seasonal Blueberry Tequila. Staring at the rim I wondered, "is this cinnamon sugar?" Sip sip...NO it's salt and something spicy!  I somehow acquired the sweet, sour, spicy...but not salty margarita, and this one almost fits the bill. It did not taste like fake blueberry juice, but actual smashed up berries. No cough syrup here my friends. I'de like another one or five please...with a straw on it!

To satisfy the need for solid food, we ordered these....

Yucatan Style Chicken Taco on corn tortilla, recado verde, pepitas, ricotta cheese, corn kimchi, & scallions: I saw the word Kimchi, and was immediately intrigued with the unity of Korea and Mexico. Kimchi is an acquired taste, which I haven't quite acquired, but on this taco, I'm ready for an acquisition. This is a union that I will not object to! It gave the chicken a unique tang. The pepitas or pumkin seeds sprinkled all throughout  provided an earthy balance, and a nice texture addition. Nom nom crunch! The use of ricotta cheese seemed so seamless, it's as if tacos have always been made with with them for centuries!

Maple Creek Pork Belly Taco on sesame tortilla, morita salsa, Oaxan cheese, pickled onions, arugula, avocado, & peanuts : They need to rename this taco as "My Favorite Things Taco!" As I have said in a previous post, pork belly is just another word for bacon, but meatier. The homey flavor hug of the pork belly was brightened up by the arugula, and the avocado provided me with a sense of comfort that this will ward off the hangover, and at the same time allowing me to pretend that it's all healthy fat...even the pork fat! I pretended to save room for my post meal ice cream ritual, so I carried my take out box in and around the streetfest like I was carrying a diamond. I counted the hours until it's acceptable to eat again. Oh glorious leftovers.
 My GPS leading me to do a wrong turn turned out oh so right! I'm going to tell my GPS to take me back to this place stat! If you are a lover of mexican food with a twist, Takito Kitchen is your kind of kitchen. Mission food redemption accomplished! Oh yah, about Bar Takito...I made it there eventually! Stay tuned for that story.


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