Sunday, May 11, 2014

OhMyGosh! Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to my mum, Suzette!!!

The Tiger lily reminds me of my mom. I remember way back when I was a little chickling, my mom received a Tiger lily plant, and she then declared it her favorite flower. I have a feeling she does not remember this. So hopefully this jogs your memory mom! (I'll jog it some more when I call you.) It's only fitting for her to declare it her favorite, her name, Suzette, means "lily" or "graceful lily," and she navigates through the jungle of life like a tiger! My mom was my first food and travel buddy. She made the NYC subway seem like the safest carousel ride, I did not even notice the weirdo next to us, and she made the snails from Chinatown seemed so normal...put that in my spaghetti!!!

My mom used to bake and decorate cakes that would give the Ace of Cakes a run for his money. Cooking however, is another story. Growing up, my mom did not cook often, she left it to the people who actually enjoy cooking and don't need a 3 day weekend to recover from that ( I inherited this gene), but when my mom'll be asking for more! This was the case of her lasagna. I remember her spending all day or maybe even a few days in the kitchen making everything from the home made pasta to the sauce! From that day on, the lasagna replaced spaghetti's place in my life. I became the human version of Garfield.

When I was old enough to understand that knives are sharp and fire is hot, I took her lasagna recipe and  made it every moment I had...well, minus the homemade pasta. That's too much work! Zzzzz. I rave d about her lasagna so much, that one day I was forced to defend the honor of my mother's lasagna...Um winner! winner! winner! Lasagna dinner! ( I would like to thank the fine men in the USS Cole who broke the tie) 

Cheers to my mom the graceful lily...The Tiger Lily! No other woman can walk through the rocky path of life as gracefully as she does ( she used to be a legit dancer...and is still dancing!). Thank you for  your tiger-like strength that I have drawn from when life kicks me in the shin, while it points and laughs.  You have always showed me how to jump back up...and laugh along! 

Wishing all mothers and mother figures a...
Happy Mother's Day!!!
May your days be filled with good food and good memories!

(The thing about flying out of the nest...I don't have access to the vault of embarrassing pictures. This could be both good and bad)

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Suzette Colina said...

Thanks for the tribute my little chickling. Your thoughtfulness is no surprise to me. Unforgettable was your extraordinary gift in a cake. It was a gift which was both creative and adventurous. You had just grown your fluffy feathers then ,when you secretly walked 3 blocks to Dominicks alone( thank God the pedophiles were still asleep at that time) to get things to do your abracadabra and come up with a most beautiful cake that you baked and decorated yourself(no training-just learning from psychological imprint).Love your writing style -its layered, colorful, vibrant and leaves me wanting for more. Congratulations! You got the good genes!