Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Seattle:Following My Gut @ Icon Grill

For your listening pleasure:
Under the Sea cover by Bottle Boys. They made it sound so fun...

After closing down Pike Place Market, we decided that we would walk in the direction of "wherever we feel like it!...Turn here, turn there!" Of course this adventure was sure to work off all the energy that The Colombian Hot Chocolate (click the link to read all about it) injected in me, and induce hunger. The Great Dane and I passed by a few interesting restaurants, but nothing that peaked our appetites. Thinking back to when I first visited Seattle, I remember seeing a glowing sign that said "Mac n Cheese." I declared that we should go there! Since I did not know the name of the place, I led the way with my "photographic" memory. Uhhh I think I found it, but somehow I don't remember it looking like this:

Did my memory not serve me right? But hey... Que sera sera! We walked in to be welcomed by this sight...

 My brain started singing...~look at this stuff isn't it neat..~~~ I don't know why. It must've been the shades of coral and all the blown glass that reminded me of seashells and jelly fish. This place is like an oyster with it's rough exterior, but nestled inside it is a beautiful pearl. "Um are you sure you're the mac n cheese place?" My eye spied a second floor balcony, which is also where the bathroom is located. Of course I checked it out!

There's a TV in the bathroom, which shows films from the 20' or 30's!!!

 The view from the Top

Our very friendly waitress confirmed that they are indeed known for their mac n cheese!...and fried chicken, and meatloaf. I stared at the menu and changed my mind up to the last minute.
 Meatloaf it is! And yep...that was the quote of the night.

While waiting for our food, this wonderful tiered tower of Washington wines arrived. Being that we started this adventure on a whim, and we are about a 30 minute walk to the hotel, I pushed most of this tower on to TGD. The hot chocolate energy has worn off by now...and crashing.

The bread is here! It came with 3 different butters, hmmm let me try remembering what they are...Normal butter, pesto, uhhhh I give up! Comment below if you know what they are. They were all good, and I was definitely eating it to keep me awake through the meal.

 Ahhh second wind! Food is here! TGD ordered the Cajun Tiger Shrimp Penne Pasta: The waitress prefaced this by saying..."do you like spicy?...this is good but too spicy for me." The pasta goes in your mouth with a creamy, buttery feel, then slowly, you start feeling the heat. The shrimps were the size of a tiger! JK...they were pretty large, like prawns.

 Ma brought in the meatloaf, but not just any meatloaf...It's Molasses Glazed Meatloaf! The Molasses bathed that meatloaf beautifully, which created the sweet and salty symphony that I feel never fails. Even the broccoli was elevated by taking a dive in the molasses. Yep there's left overs!


The friendly waitress asked if we had room for dessert. My honest answer should have been no, but I saw this giant bowl of ice cream that the table next to us had. It had a waffle cone in the center, which when lifted up, out comes a waterfall of hot fudge!!! To top that all off, there was this candy caddy filled with a plethora of goodies that you can top this sundae to your hearts desire. I want it! I want it now! but TGD, otherwise known as the voice or reason, talked me off the sin-sanity train. So no it is. 

Despite the "no," our waitress surprised us with these complimentary little brownie fudgey things filled with marshmallow fluff. See how friendly this waitress was?

If comfort food with a twist is your thing, along with kitschy art, this needs to be in your itinerary if you're in Seattle. The Icon Grill is definitely in the "I'll be back" list. I'm coming back for fried mac n' cheese, and that dessert!!!

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Every time I follow my gut, it makes itself bigger.