Saturday, May 7, 2016

This is How Trump Does It in Chicago @ Sixteen

Calm down! We're not talking politics, we're talking food. With Mother's Day coming up, I found myself reminiscing about that one Summer Monday that my mom told me to be like Bueller...take a day off! In keeping with the Ferris Bueller theme, we traipsed around like tourists ( my mom is technically a real life Chicago tourist now) and of course, it wouldn't feel completely touristy without a meal in a hotel restaurant. Sixteen at the White House (hahaha) Trump Tower Chicago got the vote.

Six course tasting menu it is, because Muma said so! My worry about the tasting menu is that I might be leaving hungry. Read along to find out if we ended up getting a deep dish pizza after...

To start, the chef sent out the amuse-bouche: it was a sweet corn tasting scoop, with a sliver of green apple to add brightness and make you feel all summery. It definitely  amused.

Let the courses roll in..

Heirloom Tomato Gazpacho with Summer Squash and Avocado: Everytime I say gazpacho, I think of Samuel L. Jackson when he said "hotspatcho." There is such a thing as too cold or to luke warm...this one was just right!

Was this the palate cleanser? 

Dover Sole with Roast Cauliflower , Green Chickpea, Almond and Green Garlic Panisse: Adding the theatrics of the finishing touches in front of you really makes the meal feel special. Bonus points on her nicely manicured nails. I wonder if that's a uniform requirement.

Prime Hanger Steak with Charred Brassicas, Onions and Maitake Mushroom
No words, just chewing and wanting to lick the slate. 

Roast Medallion of Foie Gras, Onion Marmalade, Endive, Walnut and Fig: Oh PETA don't hate me, but I just love foie gras! I hope the ducks felt like they had a really good meal as their livers got fattened. Ok enough gross mental images. Just look at that beauty waiting to melt in my mouth!
The cheese plate with black fig compote and frisse. I could not tell you what kind of cheese it was, but supposedly it was of the domestic and imported variety. It's cheese people! it's delicious!

We were given a choice between Black and White Chocolate Cake ( you can see what it looks like on the blurry side) or my pick...

Raspberry Shiso Coulis with a cannel of  ice cream
I wish there was a better way to say "YUM." I guess I could just ask the chef.."Please chef, may I have some more?" I'm always disappointed when my desserts are smaller than the size of my hands, but my disappointment quickly dissipated with every bite. It was a dainty spoonful of gargantuan flavor! 

This dessert part due is compliments from the chef. We must have been very good eaters that the chef rewarded us with even more sugar! Macarons and chocolate truffles. 

If you're counting, you're math skills are correct because it definitely was more than 6 courses. The chef sent out a few surprises. I was geeking over every course they brought out, and the service was way above my expectations. The servers and this butler looking guy almost looked like they were doing a well choreographed dance. My spirit was clapping inside me. It was a truly amazing experience...and I was actually satiated. No 4th meal type deep dish pizza needed here. I'm glad Bueller took the day off...I guess Momma knows best. I'm ready to go back! Who wants to come with me?

And this view is also delicious...

I should have written a shorter blog, that just said " It's amazing and it's a can't miss; must try experience!" Trump has my vote...on food. Bravo! This deserves...

10/10 lbs!

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