Sunday, May 10, 2015

OhMyGosh!: Friday Night Lights and Happy Mother's Day!!!

Last night, TGD and I had our nightly Friday Night Lights viewing session. It takes a lot for me to actually sit through a show, let alone a series, butI'm trying. As I blankly stared at the TV, the tension between Julie  (daughter) and Tami (Mom)  grabbed my attention, and I verbally uttered "Gosh, moms are awesome." 

 Watch the tension starting at around minute 22

To summarize the scene, Julie quickly brought her teenage angst to level 11 over her mom making a suggestion to Julie's outfit. As Julie started rambling , screaming, and having the gall to say " Do you know  how many things I've done for you?! A thank you would be nice. ".... TO HER MOTHER!!! I Gasped, waiting for Tami to temporarily maime her, but no...Mother Tami validates Julie's teenage rant. (Watch starting around minute 23) 

Many of us have gone through that bratty, irrational, the world is mine, teenage years...and yes I am one of the the lucky ones whose mother gave words of validation to my hormone induced irrationality. My mom never failed to tell me the things that make me awesome...even after a nowhere near awesome flub.
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Mom...THANK YOU!!! Thank you for not beating the hair out of me when 
I was a looney teenager...and adult. Thank you for all the strength and sacrifice you have gifted me with before I was even born. Fun fact is that, I started my little rebellion as early as when I was  a slimy unborn baby by refusing to let go of the chord. I'm sure that was not fun for anyone, but maybe slimy baby me did? Mom, a bugillion thank yous can't tell you how much I appreciate being born to you. Again, thank you, thank you, thank you!... and I'm sorry for being responsible for speeding up some of your cell degeneration.
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Happy Mother's Day!!!


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